Metaphysical Properties


Amethyst is known as the stone of spirituality. Using this stone for meditation helps to balance the energy centers in the body. Amethyst is also excellent for taking away headaches and restoring strength and peace. It opens and activates the crown chakra, and cleanses it's surrounding environment. 

Vibrates to the number 3


Each amethyst geode has its own unique beauty and special qualities. Amethyst geodes help you see the whole picture, and bridge communications with higher powers. It is a great stone for meditation, it brings soothing feelings and helps one rid themselves of stress. Amethyst geodes are great for those who are on a spiritual path.

Vibrates to the number 7


Agate is a balancing stone, particularly useful for those who use logic more than intuition. This stone strengthens and balances the body with the brain. It acts to soothe dysfunctional energies, and provides a sensation of courage and strength.

Vibrates to the number 7


This stone provides a feeling of well being and happiness. It provides clarity in relationships and helps with ones perceptions in emotional situations. It produces a true inspiration of connectedness with the entities in the spiritual world, also helps to eliminate negativity.

Vibrates to the number 9


Blue lace agate is a powerful yet gentle stone. It bestows tranquility and inner peace. This mineral can help balance the fluids in the brain and it is excellent for memory. It also helps remove blockages from the nervous system and increases sensitivity and sharpens the senses.
Vibrates to the number 5


Agate geode gives one a feeling of being blessed. This stone protects and helps to heal. The geode reminds one of their powerful inner qualities, and helps one share their knowledge to friends and family.
Vibrates to the number 7

Fire agate encourages ones production capabilities. This brings out the best in ones self, it bestows a sensation of satisfaction and true happiness. It provides the energy for initiating introspection and inspiration. Fire agate also helps create a deep inner understanding.
Vibrates to the number 9

Moss agate strengthens confidence and self esteem. It brings out characteristics of agree-ability and persuasiveness, and helps one to see the positive in all situations. It helps in the speedy acquisition of riches.
Vibrates to the number 1

Agate turritella provides the power to confront difficult situations and succeed. It strengthens ones ability to survive and thrive. Turritella also increases the connection to plants and minerals, and improves communication on all levels. It provides the confidence one needs to realize and pursue ones dreams. 
Vibrates to the number 8

Dendrite agate often resembles artwork of beautiful desert vegetation. It is said to be the bush of  "Mount Sinai." It provides a serene attitude and teaches one to benefit from and enjoy every moment. Dendrite agate helps one to keep calm and concentrated while trying to solve problems and misunderstandings. It strengthens ones connection with nature.
Vibrates to the number 3

Botswana agate increases the ability to understand the unknown. It enhances creativity and eases the release of emotions. It also energizes the aura and strengthens the nervous system. It can also aid in ridding the body of toxins and expanding consciousness. 
Vibrates to the number 3

Alabaster shows one the path of forgiveness and provides one with special messages in respect to living on this plane. It eases pressures and encourages cooperation by helping  with reciprocation. It is also highly recommended to use while meditating and may help with regressions related to previous lives.
Vibrates to the number 7

Ametrine stimulates the activity of the brain and enhances creativity. It connects the intellect to spirituality, and allows one to reach beyond worldly aspects toward the development of the consciousness. When used for meditation it can help one reach higher states quickly.
Vibrates to the number 4

Emerald is a spiritual, physical, and mental healer. It is highly recommended for pessimistic people. It can be used to stimulate mental and cognitive abilities. This stone brings harmony to all areas of ones life. Ancient Greeks believed emerald represented maturity and gave the holder divine intuition.
Vibrates to the number 4

Epidote strengthens the heart and has a calming effect. It increases ones sensation of love, and is an excellent aid for self-healing. It increases the connection to nature and the universe. It dispels critical tendencies and enhances perception, while stimulating participation and interaction. Epidote is great for supplementing personal power.
Vibrates to the number 2

Feldpsar is the family of silicates that are related in crystalline structures and chemical compositions. These crystals provide support for self-awareness and self love. It enables one to access communication with inter-galactic intelligence. 
Vibrates to the number 9

Flint is an excellent mineral for use in activities in thought transference, it helps to sever ties or attachments to stressful situations. In ancient tribes it was used to dispel negative energy from haunted localities and produce protective energies. It has been used for many ailments both internal and external and can also be used as an elixir.
Vibrates to the number 7

Fluorite is a wonderful stone providing clear, clean, soft and calm energy. It balances and calms the intellect, and eases pressure. This is recommended to hold during meditation, it will strengthen memory and the ability to concentrate. Great mineral for school children and students. It will awaken suppressed feelings and combat narrow-mindedness. Fluorite symbolizes responsibility and obedience.
Vibrates to the number 2

Fuchsite is a wonderfully calming and refreshing mineral. It helps protect against negativity and helps one in avoiding negative situations. Fuchsite is great for those who love being in nature as it aids in connecting with other plants and minerals. This stone also works to facilitate the transfer of energy from other minerals .
Vibrates to the number 9

Galena stimulates harmony and interaction on all levels. It helps to eliminate self-limiting ideas. It is said to reduce inflammation and help with skin problems. It is also used in the stimulation of hair growth and in bringing a healthy state to the hair.
Vibrates to the number 22

Garnet is the stone of health, extracting negative energies from the chakras. It helps one to change ones world by producing both expansiveness in awareness and manifestation. It is seen as a holy stone and enlightens the soul while bestowing wisdom. Garnet symbolizes constructiveness, mystics believe it brings light to dark souls and brings hope to all people.
Vibrates to the number 2

Gold has been a symbol of power and wealth since the beginning of mankind. Gold increases the healing properties of other stones, and also increases ones self-confidence. It encourages one to be innovative and purifies the energy of the physical body.
Vibrates to the number 2

This is a laboratory produced stone, created by mixing glass and copper. Its beauty and great demand has influenced healers to add interpretations of their understanding of this stone. It provides for an increased sense of confidence, strength, and happiness. Goldstone is excellent for enhancing creativity.
Vibrates to the number 3

Gypsum is a lucky stone, that was used during rain ceremonies in the past. It allows for personal growth and increases the ability for personal advancement. It strengthens bones and helps to cure the skin. It also help to increase tendencies towards growth and improvement.
Vibrates to the number 2

Hematite is great for people who are extremely logical as it helps to amplify intuition and spontaneity. It is a grounding stone and helps to resist any pressure. It provides personal charm, optimism, desire, and courage. Hematite influences blood flow and can balance high and low blood pressure. It strengthens the physical body and increases self-esteem.
Vibrates to the number 9

Hemimorphite allows one to take responsibility for their emotions. It helps one become clear on the realities of their life. The color is amazing, just looking at it provides a sensation of tranquility. It helps to decrease anger and feelings of hostility, by helping one understand the origins of their anger. Hemimorphite strengthens self-confidence self-respect and generosity.
Vibrates to the number 4

This is known as the “ attunement stone." Herkimer diamond helps clear the system of unconscious fears and repressions. This stone is very powerful. It has the ability to help one begin again in this lifetime. It provides an energy of delicate harmony and also helps stimulate clairvoyant abilities, and telepathic communication.
Vibrates to the number 3

Howlite is a great stone  for communication, spiritual awareness, and emotional expression. It strengthens the desire for knowledge and encourages one to achieve their goals. Howlite can be used to eliminate pain, stress, and rage, it discourages impertinent behavior and will encourage subtlety and tact. It is a very nice stone to have around.
Vibrates to the number 2

Iolite has a soft energy which influences and calms an active mind. It may ease nightmares and help with sleeping problems. It balances the male/female aspects of ones character, and also assists in releasing the discord from ones life. It helps accept responsibility for ones actions, which leads to excellence in ones endeavors for a better life.
Vibrates to the number 7

Jade is known as the “ dream stone." It enables learning through dreams and encourages physical understanding of dreams. Jade beams love, courage, justice and wisdom. It helps to reduce all kinds of negativity. It heals and purifies while providing comforting energy. Jade provides confidence, strengthens the heart and kidneys, purifies the blood, and encourages a long life.
Vibrates to the number 11

Jadeite is similar to Jade in many ways. In comparison jadeite is more transparent that jade, and in it's high quality form it is considered to be precious. It has the ability to improve relationships by strengthening understandings and creating mutual goals. Strengthens the skeletal structure and eases pains in the arms and legs. Jadeite is thought to provide a magic protection.
Vibrates to the number 9

Jasper is available in many varieties.The qualities of Jasper ring through all the varieties, each with their own additional qualities. Jasper balances the emotions and strengthens the body. It helps unite the subconscious with self awareness. It also may ease pain and cure problems in the abdomen area.
Vibrates to the number 6

The qualities of Jasper ring through all the varieties, each with their own additional qualities.The beautiful flowers in this Jasper make it unique and special. It balances all the chakras and strengthens the body. It helps to increase ones creativity and originality. Ocean jasper also helps you to come up with new ideas and flourish.
Vibrates to the number 6

The qualities of Jasper ring through all the varieties, each with their own additional qualities. Red jasper strengthens the ability to survive, helps when in danger, and encourages taking responsibility for decisions. It may assist with a man’s sexual functioning, and it may cure impotency. It helps one to learn to progress and aids in eliminating aspects of digression.
Vibrates to the number 6

The qualities of Jasper ring through all the varieties, each with their own additional qualities. Yellow jasper will allow one to see interconnectedness between all worlds. It helps one to adapt to new situations, soothing erratic emotional states. Helps one anticipate the best in all situations. Great stone to assist one in body maturation.
Vibrates to the number 7

Jet helps to ease pressure and depression. It strengthens the ability to survive and keeps away fearful thoughts. It also provides protection from diseases and violence. Jet will encourage economic stability. Jet can stimulate the awakening of Kundalini, place on the upper body to create movement towards the crown.
Vibrates to the number 8

Kunzite helps open the heart to the highest level of love. It provides one of the most delicate energies to do with the heart and increases self-love, self-confidence, and self- esteem. Kunzite has the ability to cure emotional pain, increase inner happiness, and expand your love of those around you. It dissolves negativity and helps to remove obstacles.
Vibrates to the number 7

Kyanite is an excellent attunement stone and it aligns all the chakras. This mineral does not accumulate or retain negative energy or vibrations. It brings tranquility and a sense of peace to the whole being. It stimulates communication and psychic awareness on all levels. It also dispels anger and frustration and helps to facilitate mental clarity.

Vibrates to the number 4

Labradorite facilitates the transformation of intuition to intellectual thought, it helps attract strength and perseverance. It is known as the “ Temple of Stars” , the quality enables healers to work with an invisible reality while purifying energies. Labradorite increases telepathy and magic, it amplifies happiness, joy and a sense of security. It inspires one to teach love and light.
Vibrates to the number 6 & 7

Lapis Lazuli is said to have existed since before "time was born." It allows one to gain access to esoteric planetary knowledge. It represents the forces of initiation into wisdom and the mystical realm. It is also seen to be the stone of total awareness that will help one expand their intellectual ability. It will provide power and wisdom to the holder.
Vibrates to the number 3

The stone of water and air, today is being considered a new age stone, it reminds one of an exotic island. This helps connect mind with the emotions, it cools and decreases all anger, it brings happiness and emotional harmony. It strengthens the feminine energies within men and woman and connects all with divine energy. It provides tranquility and a very peaceful sensation.
Vibrates to number 55 Master

This is the “Stone of Heaven,” bringing in the clarity, purity and energy from the omnipresent forces of the universe. This stone is excellent in meditation to take one to the home of euphoria. It promotes calming and enhances sanctity within ones being. It allows and promotes one to a sense of self-worth, to both recognize and eliminate deficiencies in character and form.
Vibrates to the number 7

Is a Jasper/Quartz mineral. Its powers are in strengthening ones intuition and creativity. It helps to ease situations of hopelessness. It will also help one to find solutions for problems. It may be used for skin problems and allergies.
Vibrates to the number 7

This mineral activates the throat chakra, the heart chakra, the third eye and the intellect. It it also opens the crown chakra allows for the flowering of the inner blue lotus. Use it to reduce stress and alleviate despondency. The energy here is refreshing and is sentimental. It also brings on the energies of universal light hope, and acceptance. This is the stone of transition. This Wow stone also Lepidolite can help with transition from one life to another, it activates the instinct of self-preservation and enhancing the awareness of well being. It will introduce the attribute of self-love. Assists one in openness and honesty It can assist with digestion and in the relief of tension and stress related disorders. Use this to promote the relaxation of wrinkles. At this point it is limitless.
Vibrates to the number 8

Reminds one of the brain or cauliflower. Purifies and balances thoughts, strengthens intellect and the ability to think. Provides the power and the ability to confront problems while keeping calm an serene. I t strengthens bones, muscles and nerves. It can be used to enhance the purification of the cells, also to both stimulate and sooth the heart and the associated arteries.
Vibrates to the number 3

The “stone of transformation,” it assists in clearing and activating all chakras. This is an equalizing and balancing agent, it will stimulate instinctive and intuitive reasoning. It also represents fidelity in love and friendship. It is especially energetic in the rise of spiritual and the enhancement of psychic abilities. Encourages progression towards infinite wisdom.
Vibrates to the number 9

Placing Malachite in the bedroom might prevent nightmares. For people who feel very positive about them selves it may be used as a powerful healer, mainly in the lower back. This stone may be to powerful to hold all the time, use your intuition as to whether you should keep it near at that time. It also will protect one against accidents absorbing the brunt.
Vibrates to the number 9

The two different mineral qualities are each so unique, Chrysocolla is quite a feminine stone and Malachite has the protective healing values. This makes it very powerful especially for woman. It provides emotional, mental and physical protection, strengthens personal power and charisma. Also refer to each stones specifics for additional qualities
Vibrates to the number 9

Mica is found in many kinds of minerals it is seen as small shiny dots. This stone helps to grasp the complete picture of a situation. It increases physical, emotional and intellectual flexibility. May ease fasting, also encourages good sleep. It is used to help facilitate clarity in visions of mysticism. It also has a deep influence in helping align the energy centers of the body.
Vibrates to the number 8

This mineral is more rare than the diamond, It is held in high esteem in many cultures, it represents the energy of other worlds. It also symbolizes the aptitude and the strength re- quired for endurance. It emits a trusting type of energy, helping one to be amenable to exchanges of confidence. It can assist one in understanding the physical body as such becomes one with the spirit.
Vibrates to the number 2

People describe its energies as very powerful and beneficial. May be used to balance energy centers and release energy blockages. It also stimulates and provides energy, it has a grounding so it provides protection to the energy field. It brings a fine balance to the male and female energies, it is recommended to rub them between the hands to achieve a cricket like sound.
Vibrates to the number 4 & 6

A powerful new age stone, it is so powerful it is recommended to hold for only a short time. It helps align the higher self, it directs channeling and serves as a powerful tool for spiritual development and awareness. Each individual senses the energy a different way. It also balances and heals the physical body and the brain. This energy is very pure and clean.
Vibrates to the number 2 & 6

It is felt that if placed under the tongue during a full moon it will enable one to predict the future. Provides balance and eases feelings of hopelessness, releases tensions and pressure. The qualities here make this a stone to help keep harmony in relationships. It helps one to increase intuition and balances and softens emotions, this leads one to a spiritual development.
Vibrates to the number 4

In addition to the qualities of Moonstone, this brings calmness coupled with awareness. It helps one to attune to the normal rhythms of the biological forces of ones body such that one can recognize, and utilize the natural energy cycles of the body. This will also provide the feeling of a sustaining force.
Vibrates to the number 5

This mineral is an activator, cleanser, and stimulator for the heart chakra. It helps to bring love into ones life and assists one in maintaining that love as it continues to grow. It stimulates creativity in issues of self-control, assisting one to act from love, and bring the beautiful jewel of wisdom to the calmness of the mind. It provides the feeling of “brotherhood.”

This is the shell where Pearl grows, since the origin of the Pearl is water, it has an effect of serenity, tranquility and ease. Brings peace and decreases over sensitivity, balances and purifies energies. Symbolizes belief, generosity and innocence. It encourages perfection, loyalty and focusing on the goal. Helps to reveal the truth in situations.
Vibrates to the number 8

The general powers of all Obsidian stones are good for keeping negative energies away and for protection from over sensitivity. Has an effect during times of change, by helping to see things more clearly. Is used in shamanic ceremonies to aid in the removal of the dis- order from the body, one travels with this mineral to the effected area to visually bring it to the surface.
Vibrates to the number 3

The general powers of all Obsidian stones are good for keeping negative energies away and for protection from over sensitivity. Has an effect during times of change, by helping to see things more clearly. Brown Obsidian is wonderful for stimulating initiative and independent thought and action.
Vibrates to the number 1

The general powers of all Obsidian stones are good for keeping negative energies away and for protection from over sensitivity. Has an effect during times of change, by helping to see things more clearly. This stone brings light and love to ones life allowing for the Recognition of the spiritual side of ones nature. It is a stone of pleasure, bringing gratification and enjoyment to ones life.
Vibrates to the number 2

The general powers of all Obsidian stones are good for keeping negative energies away and for protection from over sensitivity. Has an effect during times of change, by helping to see things more clearly. Brings an automatic grounding during meditation, to open the crown chakra, it produces a softness to ones activities. Great for disorders of the skin,
Vibrates to the number 1

Eases fears, pressure and depression, it is recommended in times of pain and sorrow. It balances male/female polarity. Increases ones hormonal balance and self control. Strengthens the ability to distinguish correctly and objectively and encourages making intelligent type decisions. Strengthens the bone structure. It helps one to absorb, from the universe those energies which are needed,
Vibrates to the number 6

It helps one to feel the creativity which is within the self. Use this to strengthen the memory and to instill faithfulness loyalty with respect to love. Known as the “stone of happy dreams and changes,” awakens the psychic and mystical qualities, can also invoke visions Helps to understand the higher personal potentials coupled with the acceptance of ones inherent perfection.
Vibrates to the number 8

Is an excellent grounding stone that also stimulates activity. Use it for gazing, it will provide insights into matters of the past, the present and the future, prescience visions from the energy center of the third-eye. The presence of fire within the stone, is a catalyst for the inner knowing, inner seeing, and the inner reconciliation of the information. Helps one to read eyes.
Vibrates to the number 1

Naturally has the same qualities as listed in the general Opal interpretation with some added qualities as follows:- It can be used to stimulate the crown chakra and provide deep states of mental clarity. It further helps one to remain calm in the midst of chaos. It can be used to enhance adeptness and to bring inspiration from worldly goods.

Vibrates to the number 8

As in general Opal with many added qualities. Provides a connection to the stars, facilitating communication between the earth plane and the star people of this world and other worlds. It can also clear the muddy areas from ones aura, stimulating and healing of those areas which were not clear. Helps to sweep cobwebs from ones mind enhancing mental clarity.
Vibrates to the number 4 & 6

Green Opal helps one to understand more healthy dietary habits. Used to promote a relaxed state similar to meditation. Provides one with problem solving of your dreams and during day-dreaming. Helps to maintain full awareness of surroundings plus the compre- hension for proper positive action needed. The knowledge that one is always in control of ones life.
Vibrates to the number 3

The energy is conducive to mystery, variety, progress and change. Assists one in endeavors to look within self and understand the forces of the esoteric, helping to reflect on the facets of ones life. It can add a brilliance and clarity to the intuitive and reflective processes and can instill a sense of feeling for the kaleido- scopic mysteries of life. It brings hope and faith.
Vibrates to the number 9

This stimulates all chakras, brings a freshness and renewal of life, Eases facing painful situations in recognizing and accepting changes. It brings a message that life is an enjoyable experience, it is a happy stone. People who choose this intuitively always smile when they come to ask about the stone. It also signifies faith, charity and innocence, enhances integrity.
Vibrates to the number 7

They have rich symbolism for health and longevity, to this day woman swallow a Pearl to ease the birth process. As they all originate in water it brings on tranquility, flow and relaxation. It brings peace and reduces over sensitivity, known as the “stone of honesty” also encouraging consistency and loyalty to the goal. Represents belief, purity, innocence and generosity.
Vibrates to the number 7

Peridot emits a warm and friendly energy. It magnifies inner aspects of situations and circumstances, it helps to understand those changes which are occurring in ones life and growth. It brings openness and acceptance in the intellectual pursuit of maters of love and relationships. It also helps to heal a bruised ego, assisting one to lessen the anger of jealousy. It inspires one.
Vibrates to the number 5,6 & 7

It provides for strength In all areas of ones life and is also a stone for grounding. It also provides explicit information concerning the past lives. Can be used to strengthen the back and alignment to skeletal structure of the body, gives support through crises of a dis-ease, it provides insight as to “ why “ Is well known as the “ stone of transformation “.
Vibrates to the number 77

“Stone of dreaming and remembering.” It will also advance the state of meditation, it enhances ones ability for prophesy, bringing in the divine to inspire. It allows for the inner “ knowing “ to prepare in advance for situations where one has no prior knowledge. It assists one to be prepared, it helps with actual predictions is usually precise and accurate.
Vibrates to the number 5

Possesses a defending quality and is an excellent preventive which will shield one from all forms of negative energy. Will inspire the the universal energies to activate the nourish- ing energies of the body. It also encourages and sustains the flawless ideals of your health, intellect and emotional well being. Will also promote the recall of beautiful memories of love and friendship.
Vibrates to the number 3


Smoky provides a physical sensation in the body. Releases negative blockages and grounds energy into the body. Increases ones creativity, happiness and emotional balance. This is connected to stones of the universe, therefore increases sensitivity to sound and the ability to absorb thoughts and telepathic messages. Balances the heart. Strengthens and balances the sex gland
Vibrates to number 2 & 8

Stars inside the crystal is Hollandite. This unusual crystal are powerful high vibrating stones, will bring light into your being from a divine source. Will help to develop psychic visions and encourage powerful coincidence or synchronistic events to play out into your life. May aid in making contact with specific spirit guides, whose role is to aid you to discover what the plan of your life is.

Sometimes contains 7 different rutile colors, which are connected to the 7 chakras. This stone purifies and provides energy. It activates wisdom and strengthens intuition, Helps one understand the depth of thoughts and events. May help think of ideas and solutions. Will provide inner and personal power to cope with different situations.

This crystal requires responsibility, they know who they belong with. If one selects you, your responsibility is to honor it and to work with it. Each crystal is home to many beings of light and energy. This is a special gift for you at this time on the earth plane, all you have to do is open your mind to the higher frequencies. There is a vast universe inside your crystal.
Vibrates to number 5

Helps to build and retain relationships, it is recommended for those who need to be together yet find it is hard to do so. May teach people who are in love but separate in thought, to do things together. Also good for couples who are alike and enjoy doing things together. It facilitates the building of relationships on all levels. It helps one to create balance.

Known as the love stone, it provides a calm and delicate inspiration. Also provides an energy of love and cleans emotional wounds while developing self-love. Increases self- confidence, expression, creativity and the feeling of being content. Helps to increase sexuality and fertility, strengthens friendships, opens the mind to beautiful things.
Vibrates to the number 7

This mineral is known as “stone of love and balance.” It contains a pulsating electrical energy which emits the strongest power in the universe, the power of love. It helps one to serve the planet in her time of need, allowing for one to recognize that the responsibility is actually a joy. For purification, it acts to cleanse and to renew.
Vibrates to number 4

The pink strengthens love while the black provides emotional protection. Helps bring the power of love to a physical level, it is recommended when one needs to feel strong yet loving. Increases self-esteem and self- confidence. Helps deal with emotions without getting carried away. Eases pressure , helps to reveal the potential of self. It dispels anxiety and promotes coherence.
Vibrates to number 9

It stimulates the loving emotional side towards nurturing , bringing spiritual wisdom, health, knowledge and wealth. Known as the “ stone of nobility “ also the “ fertility stone “ Eases pregnancy and keeps the mother and the fetus healthy. The energy of Ruby is so intense and vivid, it will light the darkness in ones life, it helps to keep the love and happiness in a relationship.
Vibrates to number 3

Extended with the qualities of Ruby in its combination with Zoisite can create altered states of consciousness and can serve as a vehicle for reaching and utilizing talents and abilities of the mind. In addition, it provides for amplification of the entire energy of the body. All psychic abilities can be amplified and stimulated via the use of these con- solidated energies.
Vibrates to number 4

The “stone of creativity” is conducive to both building and strengthening of cohesiveness and solidarity within relationships. In past years it was used to suppress rage, it increases creativity and solidarity. Eases the acceptance of change. May help treat wounds and fractures. Strengthens nails and hair.
Vibrates to number 3

The “stone of prosperity” can be used to rid one of the unwanted thoughts ad to bring joy and peace of mind via opening the mind to beauty and intuition. Sapphire brings lightness and joy, with depth of beauty and thought to user/wearer. It helps to sustain the gift of life, eliminating frustration and fulfilling the dreams and the desires of the conscious- ness. Helps one to focus.
Vibrates to number 2

This stone helps work with emotions. It absorbs from the surrounding environment, can reflects back. Can ease past life memory during meditation. Increases ability of judg- ment and justice. Increases flexibility in ones character. It can be used to prevent and also protect and overcome the damage caused by the well known effects of “free radicals” in the body.
Vibrates to number 8

This is useful in the rise of the Kundalini It stimulates an opening in the pathway through which the Kundalini may travel, and lessens the discomfort which is associated with this movement. It is an excellent stone for enhancing the meditative state. It can render assistance to disorders in all areas of the body, the emotional system, and the mental structure.
Vibrates to number 8

This stone was one of most holy symbols of ancient times. Connected to the heart chakra Produces the hidden energy of love in each one. Has a good influence on the brain and the heart. The general shape represents the masculine side, while the “drawings” on the stone represents the feminine side. Good for fertility and motherhood.
Vibrates to number 2

It is not only beautiful in jewelry, it also provides a steadying influence for the jewel. It provides a very strong connection between the physical and astral bodies, assuring that one may always “come home” from the astral plane. It tends to strengthen the silver cord which connects the astral body to the physical body. Providing for diminishment of the unconscious fear to return.
Vibrates to number 4

This mineral provides energies conducive to to pleasantness, charm, kindness and favorable outcomes. It strengthens ones abilities in the psychic realm, providing for increases in the abilities for clairvoyance and clairsent- ience. The strength of the mineral directs the primary energy to enhance physical energy and vitality. Very good for the immune system.
Vibrates to number 7

It provides for both movement and widening of ones horizons. It can be used to stabilize atmospheric electricity, eliminating interfer- ence and amplifying the sending and receiving message, from both this plane and outer areas. It emits a calming energy, both stimulating one to action and providing for peace at the center of the being.
Vibrates to number 7

This stone provides the ability to be more logical and helps to eliminate confusion, and both equalizes and stimulates ones intellect. It is an excellent stone for use in groups, it brings on commonality of goal and purpose. Helps facilitate mutual dependence, encouraging self esteem, self trust and trust in others. Enhances truthfulness in emotions and to recognize true feelings.
Vibrates to number 4

The energy of Spinel is the energy of beauty It is known as a “stone of immortality”, this brings freshness to all endeavors and the initiating rejuvenation to that which is begin- ing to degrade. It ca be used to enhance ones appearance, to increase the positive aspects of ones personality, and to assist in obtaining, maintaining and accepting victory with humility.
Vibrates to number 3

This provides for a powerful loving energy in creativity and intuitive endeavors. It also provides for grounding to this energy while synthesizing the physical manifestation of the creativity with the action of intuitive support. It can be used to assist one in obtaining the astral state and helps to provide guidance while one is above the world.
Vibrates to number 13

This mineral is negatively electrified, can help one in the removal of negative willfulness and in the elimination of distracting intellec- tual thoughts and emotions which could affect the emotional and intellectual bodies. It tends to promote an abundance of energy, flashes of inspiration, and a stimulation of the application of devotion toward the realization of the perfection of self.
Vibrates to number 7

A stone of light and happiness effecting the crown chakra. Strengthens intellect, desire and optimism. It can be used to dissipate fear- fulnes, to alleviate stress and to increase vitality. It has used to encourage independence and originality and to provide “luck” in games. It has been reported that, during contact with the spirit guides, the stone has emitted a golden glow.
Vibrates to number 1

A new age stone. Stimulates the throat, third eye and crown chakras. Enables greater insight and provides protection during activities. Will increase contact to the spiritual world. Good for creating a calm atmosphere and relaxed communication, especially spiritual communi- cation. It is the “stone of magic,” it brings the will of manifestations, and enhances the beginning and the end.
Vibrates to number 2

A meteor. Has powerful energies, encourages the accumulation of knowledge. Eases insight and comprehension. Strength- ens the energy field. It acts to balance the feminine and masculine properties of ones character and to stimulate the natural order of growth, development, and completion. It is a stone of light. When using it in meditation, it facilitates easier entry.
Vibrates to number 9

Increases ability for self-development and strengthens self-confidence. Serves as a powerful balancing stone, recommended for people who are beginning their spiritual development. Encourages a positive attitude towards life. It helps rid undesirable feelings and balances mental and physical needs. It enables the grounding of awareness to the physical reality of mother earth.
Vibrates to number 4

Also known as Hawks Eye. In the past was thought to bring down messages from god. It increases ability for self-development and strengthens self-confidence. Serves as a power- ful balancing stone, recommended for people who are beginning their spiritual development. Encourages a positive attitude towards life. Helps top give a broader vision of life as a whole.
Vibrates to number 4

Also known as Bulls Eye. Increases ability for self-development and strengthens self confidence. Serves as a power balancing stone recommended for people who are beginning their spiritual development, Encourages a positive attitude towards life. It helps rid undesirable feelings and balances mental and physical needs. It provides strength and vitality.
Vibrates to number 4

This is composed of Gold Tiger Eye, Red Jasper and Black Hematite. Include these into the following. It is used to assist in creative endeavors, prompting the artistic abilities to- wards wondrous beauty and works, revealing the ultimate in balance and mathematical exact -itude. It helps one find havens of refuge when danger is perceived. This is about “put a tiger in your tank”.
Vibrates to number 7

Stone of true love and success in endeavors. It can promote individuality and creativity, while providing for confidence in trusting ones decisions. It acts to replace negativity with love and joyfulness. It will break the influence of bad spirits. It helps one to be unburdened by arrogance and unconfined by passion, allow- ing one to see all things as equally important to the overall scheme of life.
Vibrates to number 3

Stone of true love and success in endeavors. It can promote individuality and creativity, while providing for confidence in trusting ones decisions. It acts to replace negativity with love and joyfulness. It will break the influence of bad spirits, will remove sadness and will strengthen intellect. It is believed to make one invisible when needed. Will suppress fears and balance emotions.
Vibrates to number 6

The most powerful stone for protection against negativity, prevents negative energies from effecting you. It deflects exposure to excessive radiation, it will increase ones physical vitality, emotional stability, and intellectual acuity. It helps keep you grounded while anchoring the self in the physical body. Healers use this to protect them from energies from people they treat.
Vibrates to number 3 to 4

In an addition to combining the properties of of the respective colors. Multi-Colored Tourmaline can be used as a ” gate ” to the inner self and to the higher self.
Vibrates to number 8

Watermelon tourmaline is the “super-activator” provides for the stimulation, energizing and connection with the heart chakra of the higher- self. It helps one to allow oneself the exper- ience of the beauty of nature, while diminish- ing emotionalism. It has been used I the treat- ment of nervousness, disorders of the heart and lungs.
Vibrates to number 2

The combination of these two powerful stones, makes this a very powerful shield stone. Can amplify and return negative energy, like a mirror spell, or can convert the negative into to positive. It strengthens the body’s energy field against external invasion and deflects detrimental environmental influences. Its a liberating power against negative forces.
Vibrates to number 6

Helps to stimulate the knowledge , within the inner self, that each person is the ruler of his/her own destiny, and that this ruling must be accomplished with love, or the ruler forfeits the position. It helps one live within this con- cept and to reflect the eternal love to the outer world. It also provides for a connection with the higher planes, facilitating contact with the spiritual world.
Vibrates to number 3

This is a gift from mother earth, together with the energies of the heavens. This is the healer of the spirit, providing for a soothing energy and bringing peace of mind. It is also known to guide one through the unknown, protecting while promoting ones independence in action. It acts to induce wisdom and under- standing, and to enhance trust, kindness and the recognition of beauty.
Vibrates to number 1

Is an enhanced color Magnesite, it purifies and balances thoughts. Strengthens intellect and the ability to think, provides power and the ability to confront problems while keeping calm and serene. It also carries the qualities of Turquoise color, making for an easier life. Its shape reminds one of the brain.
Vibrates to number 5

This mineral can create a clear path to balance the yin-yang energies, bringing in the qualities of clarity and clear spirit in balancing of the subtle bodies. It helps one to see into others, reading thoughts and evaluating words. It helps one to see within self, allowing for the attunement to ones spirituality, and to the outer dimensions on order to facilitate harmonious polarization.
Vibrates to number 33

This mineral can facilitate the mental proces- ses, filling the vacancy between thought and intelligence. It can promote order in ones life, helping one to define the goals and to pursue these in an orderly manner. It can also provide for a deep state of meditation, allowing the mind to be entirely “ void of course “. It is a good stone for those who have tenden- cies to overspend.
Vibrates to number 9

This mineral promotes the acceptance of the existence of the negative aspects which exist in the world, allowing one to recognize the issues and not allow “roadblocks” to impede or limit progress towards development. It can be used to promote contact with the spiritual world in the form that one manifests, allowing for attunements to those of ancient civilizations.
Vibrates to number 7

This mineral provides for the synthesis of personal power, physical energy, and creativity, producing a stimulation of the electric currents within the body and facilitating the removal or gradual dissipation of energy blockages. It can also help to bring together those of like mind, also beneficial to furthering relation- ships on the physical plane.
Vibrates to number 5

It is known as the “stone of virtue” bringing ones virtuous nature back into balance with the universal forces. This mineral promotes unions; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. It combines the properties of the first, third and fourth chakras, raising them to a higher level of intensity. It increases a dynamic illumination via the intuitive self.
Vibrates to number 4

This mineral can provide for decomposition of negativity and for the transmutation of the negative energies to positive force-fields: the positive field, containing more total energy than the totality of the energy contained in the negativity. It can be used to dispel laziness and idleness. The combination of Ruby in Zoisite can create alternative states of consciousness.
Vibrates to number 4